South Australia

The South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2023-2026 builds on and complements current international and Australian evidence, while being specific for South Australia.


Compassionate, resilient and connected communities that support wellbeing and prevent suicide.


This suicide prevention plan is underpinned by a series of principles including:

  • People come first and are treated kindly
  • Self-determination of Aboriginal people is respected
  • Everyone has a role to play
  • Communities are empowered
  • Practices, programs and reporting do no harm
  • Diversity and inclusion are valued and respected.

The South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan also shares three goals to achieve over the next four years:

  • To reduce suicide related distress and death by suicide in South Australia.
  • To reduce distress that may contribute to suicide.
  • To improve community understanding and responsiveness to prevent suicide.


To achieve these outcomes, the South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2023-26 states that action will be required across five key areas including, emphasising the importance of:

  • Partnerships
  • Respect
  • Respond
  • Prevent
  • Review.

Suicide Prevention Act 2021

South Australia is the only Australian jurisdiction to have a formalised Suicide Prevention Act (The Act). The Act forms part of the South Australian government’s investment in moving towards zero suicide.

View the Suicide Prevention Act 2021 | South Australian Legislation