National Suicide Prevention Trial

The Australian Government supported implementation of twelve suicide prevention trial sites across Australia as part of the National Suicide Prevention Trial.

The trials have been led by Primary Health Networks (PHNs) and aimed to improve the current evidence of effective suicide prevention strategy at a local level for at-risk population groups. Each trial site had been conducted for four years for four years from 2016-17 to 2019-22 and received Australian Government funding of up to $4 million.

The Australian Government announced additional funding for a number of trial sites to continue to implement selected suicide prevention activities until June 30 2022.

Selection of each trial site was determined with consideration for infrastructure and services available within the region.

Factors considered for selection of trial sites included:
  • their relationship with other suicide prevention activities within Australia
  • the rate of suicide death within the region
  • the Government’s election commitments to metal health and suicide prevention in the region
  • participation in the Primary Health Network Mental Health Reform Lead Site Project (for North Coast NSW, North Western Melbourne, Perth South and Brisbane North).

Evaluation of the trial sites can be accessed through the National Suicide Prevention Trial – Final evaluation report.