National Communications Charter

The National Communications Charter (The Charter) is an evidence-informed resource to guide the way mental health and suicide prevention sectors, government, business and community members talk about mental health concerns and suicide.

Mental health concerns and suicide are complex and multifaceted, and the language we use can contribute to stigma and alienate members of the community.

Signing The Charter serves as a formal commitment to use safe and consistent language when communicating about these topics. It is an agreement to put the eight principles into practice in order to reduce stigma and promote help-seeking and offering support.

National Communications Charter
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Learn more about the eight principles of the National Communications Charter and how organisations, communities and individuals can put them into practice.

Sign The Charter

As signatories to the National Communications Charter we agree to support the principles and key messages of The Charter

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View and download a collection of digital and printable resources to assist you in implementing, actioning and supporting The Charter.


As signatories to the National Communications Charter, the following individuals and organisations have agreed to support the principles and key messages of The Charter in reducing suicide and its impacts and improving the mental health and social and emotional wellbeing of people, families and communities across Australia.