About Life in Mind

Life in Mind is a knowledge exchange portal providing translated research, evidence, policy, data and resources in suicide prevention and host of the National communications charter (the Charter).

The Life in Mind program provides:

  • Regular easy-to-understand communication materials, underpinned by a science communication strategy, to connect suicide prevention (and related) sectors to the evidence, information and resources they need.
  • An up-to-date suicide prevention knowledge exchange digital portal providing access to data, research, policy, and best practice examples.
  • A National Communications Charter (The Charter) and implementation support to ensure consistent, safe and non-stigmatising messaging about suicide and suicide prevention across sectors.

Life in Mind provides sector leadership through collaboration and engagement, and facilitates access to current evidence-based suicide prevention resources, services, research and policy through an easily accessible digital portal.

The program aims to reduce suicidal behaviours and suicide rate in Australia, as well as supporting consistent and coordinated messaging surrounding suicide attempts, responses to suicide and its impacts.

Life in Mind is a program of Everymind, funded by the Australian Department of Health National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program.


Everymind is a leading institute dedicated to the prevention of mental ill-health and suicide, with a vision of empowering people and organisations to implement change – for themselves, for each other and for the future.

The Institute has a long-standing reputation for designing, implementing and evaluating tailored policy advice, research, and programs.

Everymind’s highly reputable programs are scaled to meet people where they live, work, learn and connect. We work with the media, workplaces and families and caregivers, to bridge the knowledge to practice gap in the prevention of mental ill-health and suicide so that fewer people are impacted in the future.

In this section

Consultations and evaluations

The Life in Mind portal and The Charter in its current form were developed following consultation with the suicide prevention sector and Primary Health Networks, and continue to be evaluated to monitor impact.

Organisation profile terms of use

Terms and conditions for contributing to the Life in Mind portal.


The Life in Mind Champions provide guidance towards the development, implementation, evaluation and activities of Life in Mind and the National Communications Charter.