About Life in Mind

What is Life in Mind?

Life in Mind is a knowledge exchange platform connecting suicide prevention organisations and related sectors to translated evidence, current policy, local, state and national efforts and evidence-informed programs and services.

Life in Mind achieves this through:

  • Collaboration and partnerships between suicide prevention, and related sectors, research, Primary Health Networks, and community
  • Leadership in dissemination and amplification of suicide prevention data, research, resources and activities
  • Knowledge translation of suicide prevention policy, evidence, data, funding and information
  • Increasing transparency of suicide prevention activity in Australia.

Key audiences

  • Suicide prevention sector, and those working in related sectors to support suicide prevention efforts
  • Government departments at a federal and state level, including national and state Mental Health Commissions
  • Primary Health Networks, including suicide prevention networks
  • Researchers and academics working in suicide prevention and related research areas.


  • A more cohesive and connected sector, with consistent messaging around suicide prevention and access to the evidence base and best practice standards for communicating about suicide and suicide prevention.
  • Improved community awareness of and confidence in the suicide prevention sector and improved access to information on current resources, programs, research and activities in suicide prevention.


Life in Mind is funded under the Australian Government’s National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program under Activity 4: National Media and Communications Strategies. This forms part of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy, with up to $79.9 million total funding for the program allocated across 16 projects through to 2021.

The Program supports a range of national suicide prevention activities, all aimed at increasing the capacity of individuals and communities to prevent and respond to suicide.

It also supports the Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to lead a regional and integrated approach to suicide prevention.

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Life in Mind is developed by an extensive consultation process, which identified the needs of people working in suicide prevention in Australia.

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