About Life in Mind

What is Life in Mind?

Life in Mind is a national gateway connecting Australian suicide prevention services to each other and the community.

Life in Mind links policy to practice, communities to help-seeking and practitioners to best practice, with the aim of better supporting the sector and the community to respond to and communicate about suicide and its impacts.

Life in Mind supports coordinated, consistent messaging around suicide prevention through the operationalisation of the National Communications Charter.

To support these objectives, Life in Mind aims to:

  • link policy to practice, communities to help seeking and practitioners to the evidence base through the online portal
  • support coordinated consistent messaging around suicide prevention through the operationalisation of the National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Communications Charter.

Long-term outcomes- Coordinated approach supporting national, state and local suicide prevention frameworks/strategies and promotion and prevention activities.
- Awareness and confidence through the sharing of knowledge around programs, activities and research.
Intermediate outcomes- Increase communication between stakeholders working in suicide prevention.
Immediate outcomes- Engagement and consultation with stakeholders in suicide prevention.
- Increase communication and awareness about working towards change.
Outputs- Life in Mind online portal with the content reflecting sector needs.
- Establish a national Life in Mind Champions leadership group.
Activities- Work with stakeholders to develop partnership agreements.
- Engage in national consultations with organisations working in suicide prevention.
Purpose- The project's overall objectives are to contribute to a reduction in suicidal behaviour, rates and associated impact of suicide in Australia.


Life in Mind is funded under the Australian Government’s National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program under Activity 4: National Media and Communications Strategies. This forms part of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy, with up to $44.5 million allocated across 16 projects until June 2019.

The Program supports a range of national suicide prevention activities, all aimed at increasing the capacity of individuals and communities to prevent and respond to suicide.

It also supports the Primary Health Networks (PHNs) to lead a regional and integrated approach to suicide prevention.

Partnership agreements

Everymind has partnered with leading Australian suicide prevention and research bodies to ensure that systematic, evidence-led practice is executed within suicide prevention activities in Australia. These include:

  • Suicide Prevention Australia - the national peak body for the suicide prevention sector in Australia. Its role is to support its members to deliver high-quality focused and collaborative approaches to suicide prevention, give policy advice to governments, increase the involvement of research and lead Australia’s engagement in suicide prevention internationally. The online Suicide Prevention Hub Best Practice Programs and Services (The Hub), will be live in April 2018. The Hub will independently review evaluated suicide prevention programs and services and provide a searchable listing of high-quality evidence-based programs. Suicide Prevention Australia is also strengthening the evidence base in suicide prevention by funding high-quality research through administering the National Suicide Prevention Research Fund (SPRF).
  • Black Dog Institute - aims to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness through the rapid translation of high-quality research to improve clinical treatments, increased access to mental health services and delivery of long-term public health solutions.
  • University of Western Australia, Poche Centre for Indigenous Health - The University will operationalise the Centre of Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention (CBPATSISP), providing evidence based information and advice in collaboration with other funded organisations. The Centre is supporting PHNs and community organisations to develop tailored activities to meet community needs and build their capacity.
  • University of Melbourne Centre for Mental Health - The University is providing national leadership to build research quality and capacity, and strengthen the evidence base for effective suicide prevention. This will involve identifying current research needs, future priorities, as well as effective interventions, knowledge exchanging and developing the research and evaluation capacity of academics and wider sector stakeholders.

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Life in Mind is developed by an extensive consultation process, which identified the needs of people working in suicide prevention in Australia.

Life in Mind update

Life in Mind is a new and evolving comprehensive, online portal connecting Australian suicide prevention services and programs to each other, and the community.

The LIFE Framework

The Living Is For Everyone (LIFE) Framework is Australia’s national framework for suicide prevention.

Our partners

Life in Mind hosts suicide prevention information, resources, programs and services from the following organisations and networks.

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