Research has shown that suicide is preventable, and while a substantial number of studies have been conducted in recent years, there are still gaps in knowledge.

Ongoing research is essential to better understand ways we can prevent suicide and turn this knowledge into more effective strategies and approaches. Suicide research increases knowledge, contributes to the evidence base, and informs specific approaches to suicide prevention.

Life in Mind supports translation of research so that the findings can be applied to practice and works in collaboration with The University of Melbourne, Australian Institute of Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP), Suicide Prevention Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, and the National Coronial Information System among others, to provide the latest research information.

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Research directory

Read news and translated summaries of published suicide prevention research

Implementation science

What is implementation science, and how it can it be used to improve the adoption of suicide prevention research into practice?

Australian COVID-19 suicide research

An overview of the national research project led by The University of Melbourne collating Australian COVID-19 suicide research.