Life in Mind aims to amplify the suicide prevention research community, highlighting translational research and the importance of data and evaluation in suicide prevention. 

The focus on research is to connect Australian suicide prevention services and programs to each other, and practitioners to the evidence base in the hope of better supporting the sector and community to respond to and communicate about suicide and its impacts.

Life in Mind works in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, Suicide Prevention Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the National Coronial Information System among others, to provide the latest research information.

Find information on:

  • Australian suicide prevention research centres
  • Australian suicide prevention and postvention researchers and their published work
  • Translational research from leading experts in suicide prevention
  • How to accurately interpret and communicate suicide data
  • Australian COVID-19 suicide prevention research.

In this section

Research Centres

A brief description of Australian suicide prevention research centres.

Researcher directory

Suicide prevention and postvention researchers currently operating in Australia.

Australian COVID-19 suicide research

An overview of the national research project led by The University of Melbourne collating Australian COVID-19 suicide research.

National Coronial Information System

NCIS assists coroners, suicide prevention sector, researchers and community groups in obtaining evidence to identify mortality trends and risk factors.


Self-care refers to activities that preserve and maintain one’s physical, emotional and mental health. Use the Life in Mind resources and self-care guides and share with colleagues, peers or family and friends.

Latest research studies

Read the latest in mental health and suicide prevention research studies.