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Life in Mind terms and conditions

By completing this form and submitting your information to be included on the Life in Mind online portal, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


The Life in Mind portal is managed by the Life in Mind team on behalf of Everymind [ABN 63 598 010 203] and funded by the Australian Government under the National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program. Life in Mind is working under Activity 4 –‘National Media and Communications Strategies’.

The information on the Life in Mind portal has been obtained and developed from a variety of sources, including collaborations with third parties and information provided by third parties.

Accuracy of information

  • You are providing information relating to an Australian organisation.
  • The information you provide is, to your knowledge, complete, up-to-date and accurate.
  • You have permission to share the information provided.

Indemnity, disclaimer, and limitation of liability

  • You are aware that inclusion of information on the Life in Mind portal and/or links to third party sites is not an endorsement of any organisation, product, resource or service.
  • The Life in Mind team, its employees and related parties cannot accept any liability, including for any loss or damage, resulting from the reliance on the content you have provided, or for its accuracy, currency and completeness.
  • The Life in Mind team reserves the right to authorise submitted content and/or withdraw permission to host content and/or link to content provided by a third party at any time, and that the above named organisation agrees to remove any link to the Life in Mind portal on receiving such notice from the Life in Mind team.

Intellectual property

  • It is acknowledged that any content provided through this form will remain the intellectual property of the third party and be shared with Life in Mind for the purpose of linking to or forming content on the Life in Mind portal.
  • The Life in Mind logos and project name are used under licence by Everymind, or are owned by Everymind, unless otherwise stated.
  • Should you wish to provide a link to the Life in Mind portal and/or content you have provided for inclusion on the Life in Mind portal, you agree to use the following wording to describe the Life in Mind portal:
    • Life in Mind is a comprehensive online portal designed to build knowledge of suicide prevention, by connecting organisations, programs, researchers and professionals working in suicide prevention in Australia.

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Should you have any questions about Life in Mind portal term and conditions, email the Life in Mind team.

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