Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan 2019-2024 aims to address the mental health needs of the territory.


A kind, connected and informed community working together to promote and protect the mental health and wellbeing of all.


The ACT Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan includes seven strategic priorities:

  • Improved outcomes for everyone.
  • Services that are responsive and integrated.
  • A highly skilled and sustainable mental health workforce.
  • Early intervention in life, illness, and episode.
  • Whole of person care.
  • Reduced self-harm and suicide prevention.
  • Improving people’s lives socially and financially.


Enablers support action and promote strategy success. ACT aims to reduce self-harm and increase suicide prevention through:

  • Planning – For example, using available evidence to inform future prevention activities and identifying training needs across groups in the ACT.
  • Integration and system redesign – For example, delivering coordinated, integrated, evidence-based suicide, prevention activities and providing adequate aftercare and postvention support.
  • Sustainability – For example, continuing to deliver programs that promote resilience building and help-seeking and engaging stakeholders to evaluate activities.