New South Wales

The Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention in NSW 2022-2027 provides a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to suicide prevention in New South Wales.


That all people in NSW work together in a connected, compassionate way to reduce suicidal distress and stop lives being lost to suicide.


The framework describes what should be prioritised in NSW across suicide prevention and early intervention, aftercare and support and postvention, including:

  • Promoting wellbeing and reducing distress
  • Recognising and responding to suicidal distress earlier
  • Connecting people to compassionate programs, services and supports
  • Building and looking after the suicide prevention workforce
  • Strengthening workforce capacity to take action.
  • Strengthening community capacity to take action.

Approaches should focus on 'anyone, anywhere', with attention given to groups disproportionality impacted by suicide. They also should be place-based and adapted to physical, social and cultural environments.


Enablers support action, drive change and promote strategy success. The NSW framework has three key drivers, including:

  • Consolidate and intensify a whole-of-government approach for a whole-of-community response.
  • Recognise the complex social determinants of suicide, and take a long-term, holistic approach to addressing them.
  • Respect and respond to the insights and wisdom of people with lived or living experience.