Western Australia

The Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015–2025 (The Plan) provides a guide for mental health, suicide prevention, alcohol and other drug reform in Western Australia over a 10 year period. It provides a comprehensive approach to reducing the incidence of mental health problems, suicide, suicide attempts, drug use and harmful alcohol use. It also works to promote positive mental health in the Western Australian community.

The Plan identifies the need to closely monitor suicide rates, develop new initiatives and build on existing programs to decrease the suicide rate. It is underpinned by the Suicide Prevention 2020: Together We Can Save Lives strategy, which provides further information regarding the State’s approach to suicide prevention.  

Suicide Prevention 2020: Together we can save lives

The Suicide Prevention 2020: Together we can save lives vision is that by 2025, systems will be in place to enable a 50% reduction in the number of suicides and suicide attempts in Western Australia (relative to the 366 deaths by suicide recorded by Australian Bureau of statistics in 2012). The six action areas identified to support this vision are:

  1. greater public awareness and united action
  2. local support and community prevention across the lifespan
  3. coordinated and targeted services for high-risk groups
  4. shared responsibility across government, private and non-government sectors to building mentally healthy workplaces
  5. increased suicide prevention training
  6. timely data and evidence to improve responses and services.

These action areas will be underpinned by collaborative and coordinated initiatives across multiple agencies and sectors, and will be strongly guided by culturally and age-appropriate community engagement. 

It has also been informed by the Living is for Everyone (LIFE) Framework and The National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Strategy, and aligns with the World Health Organization directions outlined in Public Health Action for the Prevention of Suicide: A framework (2012), Preventing Suicide: A global imperative (2014) and Social Determinants of Mental Health (2014).

The WA Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework

The WA Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework 2015–2030 was developed to ensure Aboriginal people in Western Australia have access to high quality health care and services, while assisting community to make good health a priority through a focus on prevention.

Developed by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people, it is a high level conceptual framework outlining strategic directions to improve Aboriginal health and wellbeing outcomes for the next 15 years.