South Australia

The South Australian Suicide Prevention Plan 2017-2021 builds on the strategies outlined within the previous South Australian suicide prevention plan 2012-2016. The plan has been informed through comments at forums hosted by Suicide Prevention Networks and in an online survey. In response to this feedback and identified key themes, as well as the evidence base and best practice standards, the 2017-2021 plan identifies three main areas of focus:

  1. Making people our priority
    1. high quality treatment, improved follow-up and more continuous care after discharge from hospital settings
    2. trained clinicians in SA Health, the Primary Health Networks and the Private Sector in Connecting with People to provide a standard approach to suicide mitigation and treatment across the state 
    3. identification and support for vulnerable groups and people.
  2. Empowering communities
    1. establishment of one Suicide Prevention Network in each local government region across the state
    2. local joint planning between Primary Health Networks, Local Health Networks, Non-government Organisations, education, primary and allied health, Families SA and Emergency Services to provide gap-free support and care for people in distress and crisis
    3. establishment of Suicide Prevention Networks in those Aboriginal communities that align with a South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prevention plan.
  3. Translating evidence into practice
    1. creation of a South Australian Suicide Registry to provide early identification and improved knowledge about the changes and trends in suicide in South Australia
    2. expand the work with the State Coroner’s Office and Universities to provide a best practice network in suicide prevention interventions and programs. 

It is intended that one suicide prevention network will exist in every local government area and in Aboriginal communities, where they see this as being the most culturally safe way of developing stronger communities.