The Shifting Minds: Queensland Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023 sets the five-year direction for improving the mental health and wellbeing of Queenslanders. The Strategic Plan adopts a holistic and collaborative approach that engages whole-of-person, whole-of-community and whole-of-government solutions.

The Strategic Plan focuses on critical areas for system change in the short and medium term.

The Queensland Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Strategic Plan 2018 - 2023 encompasses three focus areas that aim to improve individual outcomes, population level outcomes and system improvements. 

The Every life: The Queensland Suicide Prevention Plan 2019-2029 is a whole-of-government plan that provides renewed approach for suicide prevention in Queensland, as well as renewed drive and urgency to reduce suicide.

The Every life plan recognises suicide is preventable and emphasises the vital importance of working together to reduce suicide.

The plan acknowledges that effective suicide prevention requires responses beyond health services and must incorporate the voices of people with lived experience.

It aligns with national and international best practice, evidence and innovation.

Understanding that change will take time, Every life is a 10-year plan with three distinct phases. Each phase will be reviewed and refreshed. Phase Two and Three will be build on achievements and learnings of the previous phase. 

The Queensland Government’s Suicide Prevention in Health Services Initiative is an integral part of Connecting care to recovery 2016–2021: A plan for Queensland’s state-funded mental health, alcohol and other drug services. The initiative includes three major components focused on suicide prevention:

  1. the establishment and operation over three years of a Suicide Prevention Health Taskforce as a partnership between the Department of Health, Hospital and Health Services and Primary Health Networks (PHNs). The Taskforce was established in August 2016 to focus on the development of suicide prevention policy, strategies, services, and programs to be used in a health service delivery context. These will contribute to a measurable reduction in suicide and its impact on Queenslanders.
  2. analysis of events relating to deaths by suspected suicide of people that had recent contact with a health service to inform future actions and improvements in service responses
  3. continued implementation of training for hospital emergency department staff and other frontline acute mental health care staff in recognising, responding to and providing care to people presenting to hospital and health services with suicide risk.

Queensland Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health strategy 2016-2021

The overarching vision of the Queensland Health Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Strategy 2016–2021 is to eliminate the gap in mental health outcomes between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders. Actions against four result areas will help achieve this vision:

  1. developing culturally-capable mental health services
  2. connecting health care
  3. partnering for prevention and recovery
  4. enhancing the evidence base.

Townsville community suicide prevention action plan 2017-2020

Within the Northern Queensland PHN, the Townsville Suicide Prevention Network (SPN), which is one of the national funded suicide prevention trial sites, has developed the Townsville Community Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2017-2020. This has been guided by the Living is for Everyone (LIFE) framework and the Queensland Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2015-17.

The Townsville SPN commissioned James Cook University to consider the evidence base and the resultant report, Preventing suicide in the North: developing capacity, local knowledge and skills, provides information that can form the basis of the community action plan.