Priority populations

It should be acknowledged that some priority populations are not intrinsically more at risk of suicidal behaviour, but rather these individuals may experience greater rates of discrimination, isolation and other forms of social exclusion which can impact on suicidal thinking and behaviour.

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LGBTIQ+ communities

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer and other sexuality, gender and bodily diverse (LGBTIQ+) people are identified as a priority population for suicide prevention in Australia.

Culturally and linguistically diverse communities

Australia’s CALD population has unique identities and understanding of mental health and suicide.


The rate of suicide for men in Australia is approximately three times higher than for women.

Young people

A range of interacting factors related to individual mental health, family and social circumstance are associated with an increased risk of suicide among young people.

Older persons

Older adults (those 65 years and older) are exposed to a range of risk factors that can increase vulnerability to suicide.

Veterans and Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel

The Office of the Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser’s Final Advice identifies veterans specifically as a priority population for suicide prevention