Insights into Life in Mind

Posted 21st August 2018 in General

Life in Mind, the national digital gateway which connects Australian suicide prevention organisations, services and programs to each other and communities, has long been a work in progress.

It is the product of extensive sector collaboration, knowledge sharing and a collective dedication to improving communication about what is happening in Australia to reduce suicide and to support communities.

Developed as a platform for knowledge exchange, the project Life in Mind provides a cohesive link between policy and practice, enabling those working in suicide prevention to access resources, services and organisations in their suicide prevention efforts.

Funded under the Australian Government’s National Suicide Prevention Leadership and Support Program, Life in Mind forms part of the national Suicide Prevention Strategy, aimed at increasing the capacity of individuals and communities to prevent and respond to suicide.

This news item takes a closer look at some of the capacity building available via Life in Mind:

Life in Mind allows organisations, communities, individuals and groups to connect to each other and specific tools and resources that can help them to understand bereavement, provide local support as well as increase understanding about how to respond and communicate about suicide.

It also provides a collaborative space where those within the suicide prevention sector can connect with each other and work together on joint campaigns, approaches or resources.

It enables organisations which specialise in the suicide prevention space to upload their profile including a full overview of their services, programs and resources. This enables users to find organisations which provide relevant support, resources or programs that might fit with their community’s needs.

Suicide is a public health issue that affects individuals, families, workplaces and communities across Australia.

Increasing community and sector understanding of suicide and what is being done in Australia to address suicide is a crucial part of the suicide prevention process which can foster awareness, reduce stigma and increase help seeking.

The Life in Mind digital gateway provides access to research, data and priority population evidence-based information and resources designed to inform, educate and encourage greater understanding of the issues surrounding suicide.

Through the ‘National Communications Charter: A Unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention’, The Life in Mind platform empowers organisations to put into place principles to talk about mental health and suicide prevention, with each other and with the community.

By putting policy into practice, The Charter also serves as a formal commitment to working together and developing better structures and processes for collaboration.
It also provides governance to help minimise the personal, social and economic effects mental illness and suicide have on people, families, communities and organisations.

To access more information about the Communications charter visit:

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