Support services

Many individuals rely on having a sense of community to feel safe, supported and understood.

Community members and groups play a huge role in understanding the behaviours of local people and how to enact support when it’s needed.

Life in Mind is not a crisis program or clinical service but can provide access to:

  • Tools and resources to help understand suicide
  • A directory of suicide prevention organisations
  • Links to crisis support services.

In this section

Need help now?

Access national 24/7 crisis support numbers and helplines.

Community support and resources

Tools and resources to guide communities on responding and communicating about suicide and its potential impacts.

Support for those impacted by natural disasters and traumatic events

Traumatic events and natural disasters can have a significant impact on the mental health and wellbeing of affected communities and individuals.

If you or someone you know has been affected by floods, bushfires, drought or COVID-19 and needs some extra support, we encourage you to reach out and access the services available.