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#chatsafe: a young person’s guide for communicating safely online about suicide

Developed with young people, these guidelines provide tools and tips for young people to help them communicate safely online about suicide.

The guidelines consist of the following sections:

1. Before you post anything online about suicide;

2. Sharing your own thoughts, feelings or experience with suicidal behaviour online;

3. Communicating about someone you know who is affected by suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviours;

4. Responding to someone who may be suicidal;

5. Memorial websites, pages and closed groups to honour the deceased.

A guide for communities: Using social media following the suicide of a young person and to help prevent suicide clusters

The #chatsafe guidelines were developed by Orygen in 2018 and are designed to help young people communicate safely about suicide on social media. The clusters resource is based on the original #chatsafe guidelines and has been developed to help communities who may have experienced the suicide of a young person provide information and support via social media in a safe and supportive way.

Coping with self-harm: a guide for parents and carers

As many as 10% of young Australians will self-harm at some point in their lives but parents and carers often feel alone when they discover that a loved one is intentionally hurting themselves.

This guide was co-developed by parents and carers of young people, as well as young people themselves.

It is aimed at helping parents, carers, family members and friends cope when a young person is self-harming.

It includes information on the nature and causes of self-harm, how to support a young person when facing this problem and what help is available.

Suicidal ideation

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