You Got This Mate: new mental health website dedicated to rural men

Posted 19th May 2020 in General

You Got This Mate is a new initiative of the Centre for Rural & Remote Mental Health (CRRMH) and the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP), aimed at helping rural men reach their best possible mental health. 

Rural men often can be unsure about how and when to take action when it comes to their mental health. To help with this issue, the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program consulted with rural men to develop the new, national website which provides useful tips on how men can take action and connects them and those who support them to the best possible care in their local area. 

“It is important for people living in all areas across Australia to be able to have access to mental health information, resources and services, so it is great to see the launch of a dedicated mental health website that is tailored for some of the unique challenges facing rural men,” Everymind Acting Program Manager, Sara Bartlett, said.

Developed with the Research Team of the CRRMH, You Got This Mate provides:

  • evidence-based, action-focused tips and information about seeking professional help, and about helping others
  • commonly asked questions and answers 
  • lived experience videos of men telling their stories of tough times and how they keep well today
  • interactive self-help quiz which tracks how you’re going and provides information and tips for specific situations 
  • links to online help and telephone services.

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