World-first video series aims to break down misconceptions men have about therapy

Posted 27th June 2023 in Sector news

Results from a recent survey of Australian men show that 45% do not continue with mental health services after seeking help for their mental health concerns. Men’s health charity, Movember hopes to encourage more men to consider therapy with the launch of a five-part video series titled What is Therapy?, which aims to break down common misconceptions about therapy and demystify the treatment process for men.

Presented by Melbourne comedian, Ben Russell and featuring expert insights from clinical psychologist, Dr Zac Seidler, the series seeks to challenge age-old stereotypes of therapy by drawing on personal stories from men with lived experience. It answers common questions men have about when to consider therapy, the ins and outs of the process, what it entails, how it can change your life and most importantly, where you can get support.


“Therapy comes in so many shapes and sizes, but the exact shape that therapy takes is irrelevant if it provides a space where you can learn to better understand yourself, your strengths and what makes you tick. It’s about developing practical life skills for self-care.”

Dr Zac Seidler, clinical psychologist, and Movember Director of Mental Health Training

Movember recognises that while more men than ever before are motivated to reach out for mental health support, many are are unsure how to navigate the system and encounter barriers they need to overcome to reach the support they are seeking. Finding the right therapist can be difficult, wait times can be long, and it can become expensive. Movember is hoping this series can make it clear to men that early investment in yourself through therapy, or other approaches to support mental health, are worth it for men and those around them.

Movember encourages a change in the approach to male mental health and suicide prevention, encouraging system changes to adapt or respond to men’s needs, to ensure they get the support they need. By engaging men in treatment more meaningfully and effectively, men may feel more empowered to take charge of their mental health and wellbeing. This series aims to do just that, by sharing candid, diverse experiences from men with a range of therapeutic experiences, to providing practical information and guidance on how to overcome some of the common hurdles they may face.

The What is Therapy? video series is available for streaming on the Movember Conversation’s website and is complemented with additional resources and in-depth guidance for men seeking to enhance their mental well-being or to start looking for a therapist. This also includes specific guidance for the people supporting men too, such as partners, family and friends, with advice on how to best encourage a guy to seek help.



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