What is the The Mental Health Super Summit?

Posted 3rd October 2019 in General

Mental Health Academy is an online education provider specialising in professional development education for mental health professionals. Mental Health Academy offers a range of online courses that are accessible to members that feature a large range of mental health and suicide prevention related topics.

The Mental Health Super Summit is held 4-27 October 2019 is an innovative online conference co-hosted by Mental Health Academy and Act for Kids. The Summit is delivered entirely online and proceeds are donated to Act for Kids, which works towards the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect in Australia. 

The value of the Mental Health Super Summit is the online platform, which means it is available to everyone who is interested in learning more about mental health and suicide prevention. 

The Summit includes discussions surrounding best-practice and evidence-based programs, research and lived experience. 

Key speakers of the Summit include:

  • Prof. Gabriele Oettingen, Ph.D. (New York University)
  • Prof. Carlos P. Zalaquett, Ph.D (Pennsylvania State University)
  • A/Prof.  Stacey Freedenthal, Ph.D. (University of Denver)
  • Caroline Adams Miller, MAAP (University of Pennsylvania)
  • A/Prof. Peta Stapleton, Ph.D. (Bond University)
  • Prof. David Kavanagh, Ph.D. (Queensland University of Technology)
  • Jacinta Hawgood, M.Clin.Psy. (AISRAP)
  • Dr. Justin Coulson, Ph.D. (University of Melbourne)
  • Prof. Óscar Gonçalves, Ph.D. (University of Minho)
  • A/Prof. Vanessa Elise Cobham, Ph.D. (University of Queensland)
  • Dr. Robert Hindman, Ph.D. (Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
  • Bronwen Edwards (Roses in the Ocean)
  • Dr. Bruno A. Cayoun, Ph.D. (MiCBT Institute)
  • Richard Hill, MBMSc (MindScience Institute)
  • Petrea King (Quest for Life Centre)

The Summit connects attendees with global mental health experts and supports best-practice knowledge in suicide prevention, evidence-based counselling interventions, mindfulness, motivation and lived experience.

To register and learn more about the event visit the Mental Health Academy