The South Australian Suicide Prevention Network of Networks Forum

Posted 3rd June 2019 in General

The South Australian Suicide Prevention Network of Networks Forum is an annual, state-wide event bringing together Suicide Prevention Networks (SPNs) and key representatives from the suicide prevention sector to showcase the achievements and actions of SPNs in South Australia.

This year’s forum covered a range of presentations on key suicide prevention areas that were supportive and informative for SPNs including postvention, lived experience and the importance of evaluation.

The forum was attended by the Hon. John Dawkins MLC, of the Premier’s Council on Suicide Prevention and The Hon. Stephen Wade MLC – Minister for Health and Wellbeing, providing an opportunity for SPN members to highlight the work happening across South Australia and the suicide prevention strategies operating in the region.

The National Communications Charter (The Charter) was a welcomed addition to the 2019 forum agenda, with Life in Mind Champion Chez Curnow of Country SA Primary Health Network presenting on The Charter.

Chez highlighted that we all have a role to play a role in reducing stigma around mental ill-health and suicide, while also promoting help-seeking behaviour through The Charter's guiding principles and messages.

Community-led Suicide Prevention Networks play an important role in increasing help-seeking behaviours and reducing stigma around mental ill-health and suicide in their community.

SPNs actively aim to increase community knowledge and develop a local co-ordinated and sustainable approach to suicide prevention and postvention in the area. By incorporating the principles of The Charter into their practices, SPNs can communicate to the public about mental health and suicide using a unified approach.

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