The National Suicide Prevention Adviser

Posted 10th September 2019 in Updates from the Prime Minister's National Suicide Prevention Adviser

As part of Life in Mind's ongoing commitment to providing the sector with the latest suicide prevention information, programs, data and research, a landing page has been launched today to share updates from Christine Morgan, the Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser. 

The landing page serves to highlight the role of the Adviser and the key work happening in suicide prevention. Find out more about the role of the Adviser, here

With an in-built blog channel dedicated to Ms Morgan, there will be further insights and commentary on national events and key dates.

To launch the new landing page, Ms Morgan has shared her first blog piece on World Suicide Prevention Day along with a short video, highlighting that every suicide creates a ripple effect that flows through families, friendship groups, schools, workplaces and communities. Visit the blog post here

To access the landing page of The Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser, please visit:

Additional information on the National Suicide Prevention Adviser can be found on the Department of Health website at:

To contact the Adviser, please email:

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Updates from the Office of the Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser and Taskforce