Sayf launches mobile app to break down barriers to seeking help

Posted 15th June 2022 in Sector news

Mental health crisis support service, Sayf has launched its mobile app after extensive beta testing, aiming to make help-seeking more accessible.

Caleb Podhaczky, CEO and Founder of Sayf, has lived experience of suicide and understands first-hand how difficult it is to ask for help.

“I wished for an easy way to tell my support crew how I was doing, without having to actually say anything.”

Caleb Podhaczky, CEO and Founder, Sayf

This is where the idea for Sayf was born. The application allows users to select a ‘support crew’ from their contacts. Then, at the push of a button, users can send a text message saying, ‘I’m feeling good’, ‘I’m feeling average – check in on me’, or ‘I’m not OK – I need help’.

A few days after launching the app, Sayf already tallied 219 active users who had sent over 600 SMS updates. User feedback was positive, with many providing thanks for breaking down the barriers to seeking help.

“Thank you for making talking easier.”

Sayf user

“This app encourages regular communication from people that will support you!”

Sayf user

In addition to supporting loved ones in suicidal distress and mental ill-health, several users have identified potential use in other contexts, including first dates, bullying and checking in on younger and older persons.

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