Roses in the Ocean release paper on empowering Tamil and South Sudanese communities through the power of shared lived experiences of suicide

Posted 6th October 2020 in General

Roses in the Ocean have released an innovation paper to share key learnings from their recent work engaging with Tamil and South Sudanese communities of South East Melbourne, through the lived experience of suicide.

Roses in the Ocean connected with these communities through the South Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network to deliver a selection of their capacity building workshops including Voices of In-Sight, Our Voice in Action and TouchPoints.

Through the process of consultation, collaboration, co-design and delivery of workshops to two disparate Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, Roses in the Ocean have identified four main areas of consideration when engaging CALD communities: politics, religion and societal structures; linguistics, literacy and understanding; stigma and discrimination; and migration and acculturation.

Roses in the Ocean have highlighted areas of challenge and hope that by sharing their experiences, this will invite further discussion about how we can collectively support suicide prevention work within CALD communities.

Learn more about the Roses in the Ocean Innovation Paper here.