R U OK? encourages people to check in with each other this holiday season

Posted 4th December 2023 in Sector news

Christmas and the holiday season are experienced by everyone in different ways. This holiday season, R U OK? shares the message ‘tis the season to be asking R U OK?’

The new campaign aims to encourage people to have meaningful conversations with others who may be going through challenging times.

“One thing we can all do at this time of year is to pause and take a moment to consider the people in our world who might be finding it tough. Find a moment to check in with that person and do it in a way that feels right for the pair of you. Weave it into your normal routines and regular way of communicating. There is no need to overcomplicate it. Research shows that by taking the time to ask, ‘are you OK?’ with genuine interest and concern, we can help those who might be struggling feel heard, supported, and better about managing their situation.”

Katherine Newton, CEO of R U OK?

Many accessible resources are available to download, such as a ‘Calendar of Connection’ tool which provides a month of suggestions of simple ways we can connect with others.

The campaign also includes short videos and printable materials that can help guide us in difficult conversations about mental health concerns and suicide.

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