PANDA Week in Focus – 11 – 18 November, 2018

Posted 12th November 2018 in Sector update

With Sunday, 11 November, marking the start of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) Week, the Life in Mind team is taking a closer look this week at the range of work this important organisation undertakes within the suicide prevention sector.

Established more than 30 years ago, PANDA is a not-for-profit organisation, which works to reduce the impact of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression.

The organisation helped thousands of Australians receive vital help over the years through education, awareness raising and the delivery of support services and programs.

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression is surprisingly more common than most people think, with one in five new mothers or one in ten new fathers experiencing the condition each year.

Launched in 2005, PANDA Week provides a opportunity for those impacted by or know someone impacted by Perinatal Anxiety or Depression to reach out for support.

By providing a week dedicated shining the spotlight on the importance of the wellbeing of expecting and new parents, PANDAweek also hopes to connect people with the support and services available for those struggling.

The theme of this year’s PANDAWeek campaign is ‘I wish I knew’, as many parents have indicated that if they had known more and been able to prepare for some of the challenges, they might have coped better with the struggles of parenthood.

For more information on PANDA and the range of resources available for those struggling with Perinatal Anxiety and Depression, visit their profile on Life in Mind via:

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