New video series aims to help identify and prevent suicide

Posted 14th December 2022 in Sector news

Suicide Prevention Awareness Network (SPAN) Central Victoria has launched a new video series designed to reduce stigma around suicide and encourage people who are experiencing suicidality, and those closest to them, to reach out.

Tough Times from the Heart shares the lived experience of four individuals, as well as conversation support and tips to help others:

  • Alannah McGregor - Look out for the signs of suicide
  • Jed Zimmer - How to get help and reaching out to those who can assist
  • Warren Davies - Reducing the stigma: “I would rather have an uncomfortable conversation than attend a funeral”
  • Dr Skye Kinder - How to keep going when you are reaching out for help and it cannot come quick enough.

SPAN Central Victoria works to encourage the community to talk about suicide and provides non-stigmatising information relating to suicide prevention and wellbeing.

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