New research examines behaviours of young people during difficult times

Posted 13th December 2022 in Research news

A new report released by R U OK? shares the outcomes of a research study conducted by research agency, YouthInsight, exploring mental health attitudes, skills and behaviours of young people aged 12-25 years to support each other through tough times.

The research found that peer-to-peer information sharing was the leading source of mental health and wellbeing information. Other less reported sources came from teachers, Facebook and websites, with differences between males and females as to which source they choose for mental health information.

With regards to help-seeking and help provision, the research identified that:

  • 70% of young people do not ask for help when there are experiencing a difficult time
  • 70% of young people indicated they are willing to engage in meaningful conversations with a close friend and prefer to have these conversations in-person
  • 23% of young people do not feel supported when they are going through a difficult time
  • 69% of young people are much more likely to discuss mental health concerns privately with a close friend, than with family
  • 70% of young people are unlikely to talk about mental health in a group setting with friends because they don’t want to bring down the atmosphere and are worried about how others will look at or judge them.

R U OK? will use the data and insights from this research to develop resources that encourage and build the confidence of young Australians to support the people in their world through tough times.

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