New framework released to support whole-of-community response to suicide prevention in NSW

Posted 20th October 2022 in Sector news

The Mental Health Commission of New South Wales has released its new framework detailing a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention in the state.

The Framework, Shifting the Landscape for Suicide Prevention in NSW: A whole-of-government Strategic Framework for a whole-of-community response 2022-2027, builds on the previous 2018-2023 Framework and provides direction for the next five years.

The goal of the new Framework is to provide a coordinated whole-of-government approach which focuses on people across NSW communities who have experienced significant challenges including multiple natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Framework defines a core scope of suicide prevention work as being:

  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Aftercare and support
  • Post suicide support.

The Framework outlines six priorities which aim to:

  • Promote wellbeing and reduce distress
  • Recognise and respond to suicidal distress earlier
  • Connect people to compassionate programs, services and support
  • Build and look after the suicide prevention workforce
  • Strengthen the capacity of the wider workforce to take action
  • Strengthen the capacity of the community to take action.

The Mental Health Commission of New South Wales will develop an evaluation plan to support the strategic Framework to determine progress and challenges during the strategy period.

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