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Posted 5th November 2018 in Sector update

Last week Natalie Johnson, Manager, National Coronial Information System (NCIS) attended Everymind at the invitation of the Life in Mind team.

The team at NCIS have been working with Life in Mind to provide the suicide prevention sector with information of how data is collated and applied in evidence informed suicide prevention research and policy development.

This will form part of the soon-to-be released ‘Research’ section on Life in Mind.

NCIS was launched in 2000 as a data repository containing information about deaths reported to a Coroner in Australia and New Zealand.

Natalie highlighted how NCIS is saving lives through the power of data. The provision of comprehensive, quality assured coronial data has the power to change behaviours and save lives through education, understanding, investigation, policy development and safety regulation.

<p>Natalie Johnson, Manager, NCIS</p>
Natalie Johnson, Manager, NCIS

About NCIS :

The NCIS is a comprehensive data repository containing medico-legal documentation for all deaths reported to a coroner in Australia and New Zealand.

The NCIS holds information about every death investigated by a Coroner in Australia from July 2000 and every death investigated by a Coroner in New Zealand from July 2007.

At July 2017, the NCIS contained over 340 thousand cases and over 850 thousand supporting case documents.

Data contained in the NCIS is stored, organised and made accessible on request to support death investigation and research.

The NCIS produces publicly available Fact Sheets about certain categories of death, often in response to community interest or safety concerns.

For example, Intentional Self-harm: Emergency services personnel.

Research reports are prepared upon request by parties with a bona fide interest in death and injury prevention.

Direct system access is available for those wishing to conduct an ethically approved research project utilising data from the NCIS.

Typically, this includes universities, research centres and death review committees.

NCIS provides an invaluable resource for those working towards suicide prevention.

Life in Mind look forward to continued collaboration with NCIS in highlighting the role of data as evidence to inform research and policy development.

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