Movember welcomes Brendan Maher

Posted 17th April 2019 in General

Life in Mind would like to extend congratulations to Brendan Maher, following the announcement of his appointment to Movember as the Global Director, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Brendan Maher has had a long-standing relationship with Life in Mind, due to his years of experience in mental health and suicide prevention. His relationship with Life in Mind extends to his role as a Champion on behalf of RUOK? Day, for the Life in Mind National Communications Charter (The Charter).

The Charter is a unified approach to mental health and suicide prevention, which supports coordinated and consistent messaging around mental health and suicide prevention.

Everymind Suicide Prevention Project Lead, Simon Pont said Brendan Maher has been a passionate advocate for suicide prevention and the sector for more than 10 years and Life in Mind is looking forward to continuing our work with him at Movember.

“The Life in Mind team would like to congratulate Brendan on his appointment, and I am pleased to see his expertise will still be contributing to the suicide prevention and mental health sector in his new role at Movember,” Mr Pont said.

Life in Mind, an initiative of Everymind, empowers information and knowledge exchange to increase communication between stakeholders within the Australian suicide prevention sector and we are looking forward to continuing this with Brendan and Movember.”

The new role sees Mr Maher leading Movember’s international suite of mental health and suicide prevention programs.

A key priority for him will be ensuring Movember’s prevention work is extended to include more men in priority populations such as fathers, young men, Indigenous men and men experiencing social isolation.

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*Image source: Movember Australia