Lived Experience Resource Central shares real stories from real people in rural and remote NSW

Posted 2nd September 2021 in Sector update

The Real Stories, Real People Lived Experience Resource Central has been developed by the Centre of Rural and Remote Health’s Rural Adversity Mental Health Program (RAMHP) with people from rural and remote NSW. They share real stories about mental health and overcoming struggles to live a healthy and happy life. 

Hearing and reading about the real stories of people who have overcome their own mental health struggles can be helpful for people who are experiencing their own mental health issues. Storytelling also contributes to reducing the stigma around mental health and suicide.

The resources include the award-winning podcast series, Let’s Talk, which covers topics such as drought, the environment, young people, men, carers, rural LGBTIQ+, and homelessness, over 26 episodes. The episodes feature real stories from people in rural and remote NSW with lived experience of mental health and suicide, as well as advice from rural and regional health professionals. 

Kia Handley, producer of the Let’s Talk series says, “There are still a lot of people who keep their experiences and their troubles secret, especially in regional Australia and that needs to change. The more we talk about it and the more open we are about all our experiences, the easier it makes the journey for someone else.”

Other resources include five lived experience videos and Take Time digital magazine. In the videos, five people from rural and remote NSW share their personal journeys of overcoming mental ill-health or suicidal thoughts, in an effort to help others who may be struggling and feeling alone. Take Time magazine features eight stories of hope and courage from across NSW as well as RAMHP ambassador, Melinda Schneider.

All resources are accessible online, at RAMHP’s Lived Experience Resource Central.