Lifeline Australia challenges the stigma of suicide with the launch of Holding on to Hope podcast

Posted 11th June 2019 in General

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Lifeline Australia is launching the Holding on to Hope podcast series to challenge the stigma of suicide by empowering people with lived experience to share their personal stories of hope and resilience.

Through the sharing of lived experience, Lifeline and the podcast participants featured in Holding on to Hope are aiming to highlight that everyone's experience is different and there is always hope.

“Pretty much every person in Australia knows someone who has taken or attempted to take their own life, and yet stigma continues to surround suicide.

Through Holding on to Hope, we want to acknowledge those touched by suicide and highlight the importance of connection that we know brings hope,” said John Brogden, Chairman, Lifeline Australia.

Holding on to Hope is not your usual Q&A style mental health podcast. The stories of connection are told in full by those who felt they had no other option as well as those who stood by them on their journey to recovery.

“These are awe inspiring stories told by courageous people who are determined to make sure no person feels they have to face their hardest moments alone,” said Mr Brogden.

Listening to the Holding on to Hope podcasts, will encourage others to reach out to someone they can trust or encourage them to seek help.

For others, listening will emphasise the importance of looking out for each other and inspire people to realise their own capacity to help.

“These are quite possibly the most important conversations you will ever hear. We thank every one of our participants for their open sharing. This is a selfless gift they have given the community in order to help Australians keep their loved ones safe,” said Mr Brogden.

From today at 10am, the Holding on to Hope podcast will be available at .

You can also tune into the live stream of the podcast launch from 10am-12pm here:

This news item contains information on suicide, so if for any reason you need to access support or assistance please reach out to the following services or organisations.