Launch of National Education Initiative - Be You

Posted 2nd November 2018 by Team Newism in General

A new framework designed to empower and support Australian educators to foster the mental health of those in their care was launched today in the form of Be You by Beyond Blue.

Funded by the Australian Government, Be You, represents the first single, integrated initiative that encompasses a child’s entire education, including the important transition points.

Offered as a free, online based tool which is backed by trained support staff, Be You provides early learning services and schools with a road map for supporting and developing strong mental health in the community.

The framework also seeks to support and encourage educators to also focus on their own mental wellbeing as part of a national approach to grow the most mentally healthy generation through flexible training founded on evidence-based research, as well as tips and insights and links to mental health related programs and family engagement

Amanda McAtamney, Suicide Prevention Project Lead at Everymind said the Be You initiative demonstrates just some of the innovative work underway across the suicide prevention and mental health sectors.

Be You is a great opportunity to support, encourage and empower the very people who help shape the young minds and consequently mental wellbeing of the next generation,” said Ms McAtamney.

“Young people are a priority population for suicide prevention and with many spending upwards of 30 hours per week in the care of educators – from early learning through to primary and secondary school.

Be You will also help and support secondary schools in responding to any tragic incidents of suicide, providing educators with the tools to foster resilience, and social and emotional wellbeing.”

Developed by Beyond Blue in partnership with Early Childhood Australia and headspace, Be You brings together and builds on five evidence-based but programs including ResponseAbility, KidsMatter Early Childhood, KidsMatter Primary, MindMatters, and headspace School Support.

To access Be You visit:

Find out more information about youth as a priority population.