Introducing the new project lead for Life in Mind

Posted 12th December 2018 in General

To say that Life in Mind, the national online gateway for suicide prevention has had a busy year would be an understatement.

Incredible progress has been made throughout the year, with highlights including the unveiling of the new Life in Mind website and social media presence, the launch of the national #YouCanTalk campaign through to the re-development and dissemination of the National Communications Charter.

As the suicide prevention team at Everymind approach the end of 2018, Life in Mind is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Pont as the new Project Lead.

In the new role, Simon will lead the Life in Mind suicide prevention team in the continued development of the project into 2019.

Bringing a wealth of industry knowledge and insight, Simon’s background reflects extensive experience working in frontline service delivery, specifically with those affected and bereaved by suicide.

Everymind Suicide Prevention Program Manager Marc Bryant said he was delighted to welcome Simon to the position which will bring an array of exciting opportunities in 2019.

Life in Mind is a national initiative that connects Australian suicide prevention services and programs to each other and the community, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration,” Mr Bryant said.

“In 2018 Life in Mind played an integral part in bringing together a range of suicide prevention and mental health sector leaders to work together to support a coordinated approach to key suicide prevention initiatives.

“This included the launch of the National Communications Charter and the roll out of the highly successful #YouCanTalk campaign, which encouraged the nation to start safe, responsible discussions with loved ones on the topic of suicide.

“While much has been achieved in 2018, there is still much to do and I’m looking forward to the range of strategic goals planned for 2019 and having Simon in the seat working hard to deliver these.”

Research, resources and linking policy to practice will be among a number of Simon’s priorities for the Life in Mind team in 2019.

“I am passionate about the integral role programs like Life in Mind have in translating what we know works by linking policy to best practice as well as connecting communities to help-seeking and practitioners to the evidence base,” said Mr Pont.

“There is a great deal of opportunity within the suicide prevention sector for Life in Mind to step up to serve as a repository for research, programs, resources, services and up-to-date data.

“The important work achieved in 2018 has set the foundation for the progress, plans and exciting developments which will be brought to life in 2019 and I’m looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for Life in Mind.