Highlighting Australian researchers at the 30th World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention

Posted 16th September 2019 in Research

The 30th World Congress of the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP 2019) is being held in Derry, Northern Ireland, from 17-21 September 2019 and Life in Mind is highlighting Australian researchers who will be presenting at the congress.

The theme for IASP this year is Breaking Down Walls and Building Bridges, a theme that not only resonates with the landmarks in the beautiful city of Derry, but one that also reflects what the sector does in suicide prevention by building hope for those in crisis.

Some of the researchers featured on the Life in Mind research directory are presenting at this years' congress, and we have identified their presentations below.

Dr Karl Andriessen PhD, MSuicidology, BSW, will be presenting the following sessions:

  • Grief after euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide: A systematic review; To turn a personal tragedy into a triumph: A systematic review of post-traumatic growth among suicide-loss survivors.
  • Research on the needs and help for people bereaved by suicide - Symposium of the IASP SIG Suicide Bereavement and Postvention;
  • Ethical concerns in suicide research: Results of an international researcher survey;

Dr Gregory Armstrong PhD, is presenting on:

  • Media reporting of suicide in low and middle-income countries.

Dr Kairi Kolves PhD(Soc) will be presenting on:

  • Autism spectrum disorders and suicidal behaviour – A nationwide, longitudinal register-based study
  • Receiving formal help during the bereavement suicide and sudden death: A prospective longitudinal study

Dr Karolina Krysinska, PhD will be presenting on:

  • The Adaptation of the UK resource Coping with self-harm: A guide for parents and carers to the Australian mental health context

Professor Myfanwy Maple PhD, GCTE, GradCertAdolHlthWelf, BSW(Hons1) ,GAICD will be presenting sessions on:

  • Better Support: Supporting family and friends after a loved one has attempted suicide
  • Understanding the breadth and depth of exposure to suicide using national data

Dr Katie McGill, Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), will be presenting on:

  • Effectiveness of the Way Back Support Service (Hunter) program- a brief, non-clinical support program for people who have attempted suicide

Associate Professor Jo Robinson, PhD, MSc Applied Psy., BSc Hons Psy. will be presenting a session on:

  • From consultation to co-creation: youth partnerships in suicide prevention 

Dr Victoria Ross PhD (Psych) will be presenting on:

  • The impact of a suicide prevention initiative on a suicide hotspot: a mixed-methods evaluation of the Gap Park Masterplan, Australia

Ms Jaelea Skehan, BA Psychology (Hons 1), PhD Psychiatry (Candidate) will be presenting a session on:

  • Broadening the approach: Engaging public relations students and professionals in suicide prevention

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For further details about the program, speakers, and key themes and topics visit IASP 2019 website.