COVID-19 survey results highlight people’s demand for current research, support and access to new information

Posted 25th February 2021 in Research

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect the mental health and wellbeing of many individuals and communities. 

From August 2020, users of the Life in Mind portal have been providing insight into how the pandemic has impacted them. By the end of 2020, preliminary results showed almost all (97%) of the 139 survey respondents indicated they had been affected in some way.

The vast majority of respondents indicated their emotional, wellbeing and mental health had been impacted (92%); while approximately two-thirds experienced employment/work-related impacts (65%). 

Over half of respondents indicated they had been impacted financially (56%); and just under half said that their physical health has been impacted (47%).

Family and friends were nominated by the majority of respondents as main sources of help and support (62%). Other places of support included:

  • Websites/resources/online forums (41% of respondents) 
  • Help-seeking services via phone/online (32% of respondents)
  • Work colleagues/peers (23% of respondents).

These results highlight the continued need for preventative mental health activities to support people’s wellbeing during challenging times, and the need for continued research and resources to support family and friends of those who are struggling with their emotional and mental health. 

Respondents were also asked about other resources or information that would support them. Around one third indicated that downloadable fact sheets/resources would be helpful (29%); while just over a quarter felt that access to current research would be useful (27%). Of interest, a significant proportion of surveys were completed via users visiting the Life in Mind COVID-19 suicide research page.

Respondents were also interested in accessing online training (15%), although specific training was not identified, and also access to webinars/podcasts (14%). These results highlight that there is demand and important for people to have access to a variety of information and resources across a variety of mediums.

The Life in Mind team will continue to share results from this survey as the year progresses.