An updated and improved Life in Mind portal

Posted 10th August 2023 in Sector news

The Life in Mind digital portal has undergone a redevelopment, improving functionality and navigation to ensure that those who have a role in suicide prevention can easily access and apply current data, evidence, research, strategies, and safe language principles to their work.

Life in Mind has played a vital role as a connection point for Australian suicide prevention efforts since its inception in 2018. The comprehensive, restructured portal places the suicide prevention sector's current priorities at its centre, facilitating the exchange of suicide prevention information, evidence and initiatives.

To inform the development and design of the updated portal the Everymind team analysed user feedback, portal analytics, and sought expert advice from the Life in Mind Champions.

In late 2022, Everymind surveyed users of the Life in Mind portal. Key findings which helped shape the restructure of the portal showed that:

  • The core audience is those working in mental health and suicide prevention
  • Key reasons users visit the portal is to access suicide data, research and the National Communications Charter
  • Life in Mind helps to increase knowledge in suicide prevention.

Navigation has been streamlined to highlight key areas of the portal, including:

  • Suicide prevention - current, evidence-based Australian suicide prevention information including approaches, national and state strategies and frameworks, priority population groups, and research collaborations
  • Research – translations of published research in suicide prevention
  • Data – summaries of the latest national data releases relating to suicide and self-harm
  • National Communications Charter - an evidence-based resource to guide the way people in the mental health and suicide prevention sectors, government, business and community members talk about mental health concerns and suicide
  • News - including the latest research and initiatives from the sector
  • Organisation directory – connecting the sector to relevant organisations through a directory that can be filtered based on population group, organisation type and service area.

“As we broaden our approach to suicide prevention in Australia and strive for a whole of government and whole of community approach, it is more important than ever that individuals and organisations have access to current and relevant research, data, policies, guidelines and practice examples.

Life in Mind is a trusted source of information for people involved in suicide prevention, with the portal navigation updated to ensure it is user-friendly, reflective of current reform, and can meet the evolving needs of the sector.”

Dr Jaelea Skehan OAM, Director at Everymind.

"The newly updated Life in Mind portal has provided readers greater accessibility to suicide prevention knowledge. The portal is easy to navigate, with excellent search functionality and a broad range of easy-to-understand content for users. I believe this is a really positive step forward for getting up-to-date information to our sector and promoting best practice in suicide prevention."

Bronwen Edwards, CEO at Roses in the Ocean, and Life in Mind Champion

Life in Mind advances suicide prevention in Australia through collaborating with key partners to connect suicide prevention and related sectors to the evidence, information and resources they need. If you would like to host your suicide prevention related research or initiatives on the portal, contact [email protected]

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