Interim Advice

This page provides links to the Office of the Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser’s Interim Advice as well the supplementary research that helped to inform the Advice.

Executive Summary

This document provides a summary of the Interim Advice and ‘in-principle’ recommendations provided to the Prime Minister in August 2020. It builds on the Initial Findings submitted in November 2019 and outlines actions to deliver a more coordinated, comprehensive and compassionate approach to suicide prevention. 

Compassion First

Designing our national approach from the lived experience of suicidal behaviour.

Interim Advice Report

Towards a national whole-of-government approach to suicide prevention in Australia.

Shifting the Focus

A national whole-of-government approach to guide suicide prevention in Australia.

Supplementary Research

Prepared for the National Suicide Prevention Adviser and the National Suicide Prevention Taskforce, commissioned through the National Suicide Prevention Research Fund, managed by Suicide Prevention Australia.