Consultations and Evaluations

Life in Mind aims to connect organisations, programs, researchers and professionals working in suicide prevention in Australia, while supporting a coordinated, consistent national approach to suicide prevention.

The strength of Life in Mind lies in its inclusion of the suicide prevention sector to develop a pivotal connection for organisations, programs, researchers and professionals working in suicide prevention in Australia.

Initial sector consultations

From June‚ÄďAugust 2017, 98 participants from 75 suicide prevention-related organisations, plus 32 representatives from 20 Primary Health Networks (PHNs), took part in face-to-face and online consultations.

Overall, the consultations sought to gain information and understanding about:

  • needs and priorities of organisations
  • preferred content for the portal
  • ways to support effective and safe knowledge exchange across sectors (locally, regionally and nationally)
  • existing suicide prevention policies/strategies/frameworks/action plans, research, programs (primary, secondary and postvention approaches), services and resources that are evidence-based and best practice standards for communicating about suicide
  • the Charter, including content review and ways to operationalise it.

The summary report, which details the findings from this consultation process, can be accessed here: Life in Mind consultation summary.

Continued portal development

Life in Mind continues to develop the portal to ensure it meets the needs of users and reflects and responds to current suicide prevention activity in Australia. A number of short evaluation surveys have been undertaken with users of Life in Mind to assess the effectiveness of Life in Mind, particularly in relation to meeting stakeholder content needs and priorities and portal functionality. Outcomes from these evaluations are used to make continuous improvements to the online portal.

Achievements of Life in Mind

Life in Mind provides snapshot summaries highlighting the impacts and achievements of the Life in Mind portal over time. The Life in Mind activity snapshot summaries can be accessed below.