Far West

Kalypi Paaka Mirika Healing Program

Our healing program, called Kalypi Paaka Mirika: Clear River Ahead, is a strengths-based program, which helps develop knowledge and skills around change, culture, goal setting, violence, stress, trauma, resilience, loss and grief and managing grief. 

Unlike other healing programs, this program takes place for one day each week over six weeks or in a five-day block, using local Aboriginal facilitators, and aims to help community members understand the precursors of violence in communities and assist those affected by loss, grief and trauma to begin a journey of healing. Our program focuses on familiar cultural icons and embeds the learning in a cultural framework to assist in the journey of change that helps participants with coping strategies relating to stress, grief, loss, and behaviour change. 

Each program enrols between 10 and 20 participants, in male or female groups. Facilitators are from the community. Other healing programs have occasionally been delivered in communities in the west but they are activity-based and occur over a single day usually providing temporary respite only rather than assisting people to develop skills to cope, strengthening culture and providing a greater understanding of Aboriginal history and do not provide any follow-up for participants who may need to de-brief or require support following the training. Maari Ma’s program has taken all of these issues into account with follow-up built in each week and after the end of the last session. 

The Kalypi Paaka Mirika program acknowledges the impact of more than 200 years of colonisation: poor lifestyle choices that impact on health, high rates of obesity, smoking and hazardous drinking, mental health issues, suicide… the list goes on. Unemployment rates are high, housing is overcrowded, and a significant proportion of Aboriginal people come into contact with the police and justice system, all factors which contribute to poor outcomes in life for the Aboriginal people of the far west.

It is important to highlight that healing is not a cure, it is a process that goes on endlessly. This healing program will provide:

  1. A focus on wellbeing (Indigenous well-being is much broader than just physical health)
  2. Cultural renewal
  3. Trauma recovery
  4. Community development (community coming together)
  5. Self-determination  (both at the level of the individual and at the level of community).

Contact the Kalypi Paaka Mirika team on:

08 8082 9777 | www.maarima.com.au