The National Suicide Prevention Adviser

With more than 3,000 people dying by suicide and a conservative estimate of 65,000 suicide attempts each year, the impacts of suicide are far reaching.

In July 2019, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the Australian Government is working towards zero suicides and appointed Ms Christine Morgan as the first National Suicide Prevention Adviser reporting directly to the Prime Minister. 

Towards zero means we have a total commitment to respecting the life of every Australian. For that reason, the Adviser will work with relevant Ministers to drive a whole-of-government approach to suicide prevention activities. 

As part of Life in Mind's commitment to providing the sector with the latest suicide prevention information, this page will share activities and updates from the Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser.

Stay informed

This page provides regular updates to support and amplify news, updates and events of the Office of the Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser and National Suicide Prevention Taskforce.

This is an opportunity to work towards the cross-government, cross-jurisdiction and whole of community response that is required to reduce suicide and its impacts in Australia.