Charter Implementation

A guide to support implementation

The Charter implementation guide has been produced to assist individuals and organisations integrate the National Communications Charter.  It is intended to provide guidance for embedding strategic communications principles in the provision of care, with the aim to reduce suicide and to improve the mental health and well-being of individuals and communities across Australia.

It recognises the wealth of education and professional development that exists within the mental health and suicide prevention sector and across all levels of Government and aims to act as a unifying resource, representing a formal commitment to working together and developing better structures and processes for collaboration.

Key messages:

  • Mental health, social and emotional well-being, mental ill-health and suicide prevention are issues of national importance.
  • Mental health and mental ill-health are determined by multiple and interacting social, cultural, psychological and biological factors, at individual, family and community levels as well as broader social and institutional levels.
  • Individuals, families and communities have an essential voice and right to self-determination in matters of mental health, mental ill-health and suicide prevention.