Role of the Adviser

Every suicide creates a ripple effect that flows through families, friendship groups, schools, workplaces and communities. 

Ms Christine Morgan is working across government and with relevant Ministers to develop options to improve the coordination and delivery of suicide prevention activities to:

  • Reduce the risk that people will experience the kind of despair that leads to suicide which means keeping people healthy, connected to their communities and addressing the social determinants of suicide
  • Ensure that those who find themselves in despair, get immediate and effective support, considering the multiple touch points and opportunities across our service system and community; and
  • Identify ways to connect services and empower our communities to recognise and respond to distress in others and help instill hope.

A National Suicide Prevention Taskforce has been established to support Ms Morgan to undertake her work. The Taskforce is led by Ms Jaelea Skehan who brings extensive experience in suicide prevention research, policy and practice. Members of the taskforce are engaging with key stakeholders in government agencies (Commonwealth and state and territory) as well as those in the suicide prevention sector and other existing networks. 

Along with direct consultations with community members and organisations, a cross-government committee and Expert Advisory Group are providing advice and support to Ms Morgan.  

To contact the Adviser or the Taskforce, please email us below: