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How is NCIS data accessed?

The NCIS database is directly accessible to authorised users. Data reports can be requested by the media or organisations and fact sheets are available on the website for public access.

The data is used by death investigators and researchers and is included in internal and external government reporting and recommendations, publications, presentations and media reports.

Direct access for authorised users

The NCIS database is available for direct access to approved users only, including:

  • Death Investigators, who have responsibilities in assisting in coronial investigations, including coroners, registrars, coronial staff and police. They require approval from the State or Chief Coroner in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Third Party Researchers with an ethically approved research project. Applications from researchers must be approved by the NCIS Research Committee prior to submission to the Justice Human Research Ethics Committee (JHREC). Applications may require additional approval from a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) endorsed ethics committee.

Any use of data for publication must ensure confidentiality for the deceased persons. Reporting on low frequency deaths will be suppressed to protect the identity of the deceased. Media, private organisations and individuals are not permitted direct access to the NCIS but can make a request for data reports.

For more information on accessing the NCIS see NCIS Data Access

Data Reports

On request, the NCIS can prepare data reports presenting aggregate, statistical data based on the specifications of the request. Data reports do not contain identifying information and the NCIS reserves the right to group certain data breakdowns to ensure the information is sufficiently de-identified.

Data reports may be requested by organisations and the media and the content of the report may be made public. A fee for service is charged for the preparation of the report. The release of all data reports is subject to coronial approval.

Request an NCIS data report

Fact sheets

The NCIS publish fact sheets on their website for public access. Fact sheets provide evidence-based information on various public interest topics and may be cited in media reports.

Recent fact sheets cover topics such as Intentional Self-harm: Indigenous Australians and Intentional Self-harm: Emergency Services Personnel.

View current NCIS Fact Sheets

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

The ABS accesses the NCIS to code coroner certified deaths in accordance with the International Classification of Disease Tenth Revision (ICD-10). The ABS and the NCIS work closely to ensure data availability for the coding and publication of national suicide figures. Any differences in the publication of figures are due to limitations in release of data and slight differences in the interpretation of coding practices between the two organisations.