Youth Mental Health First Aid

Love Me Love You offers Youth Mental Health First Aid which aims to educate adults about mental health and wellbeing in young people to assist in reducing rates of mental ill health and suicide.

Mental health first aid is the help provided to someone who is developing a mental health problem, has an existing mental health problem or is in a mental health crisis. The Youth Mental Health First Aid course is for adults engaging or living with adolescents. This course is particularly suitable for parents, teachers, sports coaches, and youth workers.

Mental health first aid strategies are taught in evidence based training programs authorised by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Australia and conducted by accredited MHFA Instructors across Australia.

The 14-hour Youth Mental Health First Aid Course is for adults working or living with adolescents (those aged between approximately 12 and 26 years).

Research has found this course to be effective – giving participants the confidence and better understanding of youth mental health and how to start the conversation. Specifically, a study found that participants who complete the course have improved knowledge of mental illnesses and their treatments, knowledge of appropriate first aid strategies, and confidence in providing mental health first aid, as well as reduced stigma.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Course participants learn:

  • how to assist adolescent mental health
  • adolescent development, signs & symptoms,
  • where to find help; and
  • how to help in a crisis situation.
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