Red Dust Healing

The aim of the program is to give Aboriginal men an understanding of identity, to equip them with self evaluation skills, to develop future role models and fathers, and to restore family relationships. The program examines the intergenerational effects of colonialism on the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of Indigenous families and gives men an understanding of their hurt which may come from rejection or grief and loss. It aims to equip men with the tools to confront the problems that are relevant to their own lives and address any ongoing patterns of negative behaviour.

Red Dust Healing targets a multifaceted approach covering four main areas:

  • Healing
  • Pro-Social Modelling
  • Professional Development
  • Cultural Awareness

Red Dust Healing addresses significant key areas such as: Identity, family roles and structure, relationships, Elders, Men’s business, Indigenous history and the impacts of colonialism, drug and alcohol issues, family violence, grievance and loss, stress and mental health issues, anger management, education and employment housing issues, meetings and community contribution and governance.

To date over 11 000 people have been through the program plus more than 3 000 through information sessions and 1 day workshops. Numbers continue to rise rapidly as more and more people hear about the red dust healing. 

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Red Dust Healing

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