Mindframe has been managed by Everymind (previously known as Hunter Institute of Mental Health) since 2002.

Mindframe encourages responsible, accurate and sensitive representation of mental illness and suicide in the Australian media (i.e. online, print, broadcast and stage and screen).

Mindframe involves building a collaborative relationship with the media and other sectors that influence the media. Program activities include national leadership, resource development and national dissemination, and ongoing contribution to the evidence-base.

Key aims include:

  • Provide national leadership on safe and effective reporting and professional communication.
  • Build the capability of targeted sectors to apply best practice principles for reporting and communication.
  • Innovate and disseminate, using technology to increase the reach of Mindframe and link national and regional approaches.
  • Increase research to understand initiative impacts.
  • Target Sectors:
  • Media (news and social media)
  • Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Sector
  • Universities
  • Australian Film, Television and Theatre
  • Police and Courts
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72 Watt St
First Floor, Officer's Quarters Building, James Fletcher Campus
Newcastle, NSW 2300

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