LaunchPad Program

‘LaunchPad’ is an empowering program designed to assist community-based suicide prevention action groups to use their lived experience in a planned, coordinated and impactful manner. Given the importance and urgency of the work being undertaken, the ‘LaunchPad’ framework is designed to move people to action, within a strategic process that keeps things simple and straightforward. LaunchPad is a key success factor to sustainability of lived experience within communities.

On completion of this program you can expect to have:

  • Understanding of your community-based mission, values and areas of important focus.
  • Clarity of the structures, roles and responsibilities within your group.
  • Appreciation of and plan to leverage the individual expertise and gifts within your group.
  • Shared expectations of behavioural standards that will apply to your interactions.
  • Awareness of the barriers that stand in your way and ways to address those in your strategy.
  • An agreed action plan for all members of your group.
  • Planned meeting focus for the next six months.
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