Kids Helpline @ High School (North QLD)

Kids Helpline @ High School aims to improve student mental health literacy, coping and resilience skills and promote help-seeking behaviours through free counsellor-led sessions via online delivery

The evidence-informed program was developed through consultation with North QLD secondary schools in 2018, and written to align with the General Capabilities of the Australian Curriculum and the Health & Physical Education Content Descriptors.

The program is designed to complement a whole-school prevention approach, assist secondary school staff in delivering evidence informed strategies to promote mental health & wellbeing, and expand upon classroom discussions of mental health, respectful relationships, online wellbeing & resilience.

Kids Helpline sessions are delivered online free of cost via a schools preferred video-conferencing platform, and onsite in a North QLD region once a term.

 Topics available for booking include:

  • Kids Helpline & Help-Seeking
  • Your Online Wellbeing 
  •  Cyberbullying and Mental Health 
  •  Emotional Intelligence
  • Respectful Relationships 
  •  Fostering Resilience
  •  Coping with Changes & Transitions 
  •  Parents and Teachers

More information (07) 3867 1334

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