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Suicide Prevention Recovery Guide: A resource for mental health professionals

The Suicide Prevention and Recovery Guide aims to help health professionals with suicide prevention strategies.

The Guide uniquely examines suicide prevention through the lens of mental health recovery. This is particularly relevant as the management of suicide risk, especially when it leads to involuntary hospitalisation, may be perceived at times to conflict with recovery principles encouraging services to support consumer choice and decision-making. The Guide helps workers to reflect on how they address suicide in their workplace, and how they can support the individual’s recovery during this time.

Suicide Prevention Research and Campaign

National research with the aim of understanding what advice can be given to the public to increase the likelihood that they will ask about and support someone who may be at risk of suicide to stay safe and get the help they need. The research provides vital new information about public perceptions of suicide and their ability or willingness to respond to suicide risk. The unique findings and key recommendations provide a clear indication of what is useful, what is not and address some common myths that still exist around suicide prevention. The evidence generated by the research will inform future public communication and policy development across the sector to reduce suicide.

Suicide prevention videos

Beyond Blue developed a series of suicide prevention videos as information for people who have lost someone to suicide, those worried about a friend or family member, or anyone who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Suicide Research: Selected Readings - Volumes 1-16

A critical literature review series from 2008 to 2016, outlining recent advances and promising developments in international research in suicide prevention published in English in international peer-reviewed journals. The main aim of the Selected Readings volumes was to collate all newly released publications (research articles, editorials, letters, and case reports) that explicitly refer to fatal and/or non-fatal suicidal behaviours and related issues. Particular attention was paid to new promising lines of suicide research that carried potential for practical implications in the Australian context.

Supporting someone at risk of suicide: Heads Up fact sheet

This is a fact sheet by Heads Up which outlines how to support someone at risk of suicide.

Supporting someone in the workplace at risk of suicide

A resource to help support someone in the workplace at risk of suicide.

Tensions in perspectives on suicide prevention between men who have attempted suicide and their support networks: Secondary analysis of qualitative data

Black Dog Institute researchers led this study exploring the views of at-risk men, and their friends and family about the tensions inherent in suicide prevention. Participants recounted their experiences of the men’s suicide attempts and associated help-seeking, and suggested ways in which suicide prevention activities may be improved. 

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP)

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Evaluation Project (ATSISPEP) was established to evaluate the effectiveness of existing suicide prevention services and programs. During the course of the project, an extensive list of suicide prevention resources was collated for the use of both researchers in the field and the wider community

The aftermath of Aboriginal suicide: Lived experience as the missing foundation for suicide prevention and postvention

Researchers with Black Dog Institute’s LifeSpan published a research paper which highlights the systematic and theoretical barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have been bereaved by suicide. The paper incorporates the lived experiences and professional experiences of advocates, and explores the importance of including lived experiences within programs for Indigenous suicide prevention.

The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health Videos

The CRRMH and RAMHP have developed a series of videos many of which are used in our training programs to help support and educate rural communities about mental health and wellbeing.