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Feeling Sad or Worried

24 hour help seeking information targeting Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people with thoughts of suicide or people who are worried for someone else

Free School Resources

The Black Dog Institute offers a range of free evidence-based educational resources, designed for teachers, young people and parents. These school resources can help secondary educators with building mental health and wellbeing education into their curriculum, and include online interactive short-courses for students and ready-to-use classroom activities. 

Friends and family - Mental health

If a young person develops mental health issues it is important that they get help early. These resources contain information designed to help friends and family better understand mental health and what you can do to support young people who might be going through a tough time.

Giving Men a Hand: The case for a National Male Suicide Prevention Strategy

The Australian Men's Health Forum is calling on the Government to develop a national plan to prevent male suicide.

In this report published on World Suicide Prevention Day, Thursday 10 September 2020, AMHF says the Government is spending $5 billion a year on mental health services but the money isn’t reaching men at risk of suicide.

The solution, says the report, is for the Government to develop a National Plan to Prevent Male Suicide that directs funding at male-friendly services and gets more men involved in preventing suicide.

Glove Box Guide to Mental Health

Each year the CRRMH and RAMHP together with The Land produce the Glove Box Guide to Mental Health. The Guide provides people’s personal stories, practical information and education on including online therapies and information on mental well-being tools and apps, as well as tips and strategies on how to stay mentally healthy.

Going Upstream: A Framework for Promoting the Mental Health of LGBTI People

Going Upstream: A Framework for Promoting the Mental Health of LGBTI People provides a framework that aims to specifically guide the development and implementation of strategies for the promotion of mental health and wellbeing and prevention of mental health problems in LGBTI Australians.

Guidelines for Integrated suicide-related crisis and follow-up care in Emergency Departments and other acute settings

These guidelines are based on the input of people with a lived experience of suicide and leading clinicians. They aim to help those working in acute settings to inform service planning, better equip and support staff to work effectively with those at risk of suicide, and guide empathetic, compassionate responses to people experiencing a suicidal crisis. 

Having a conversation with someone you are worried about

Heads Up: Better mental health in the workplace

The Heads Up website contains information and resources for better mental health and suicide prevention in the workplace.

Healthy Bodies Support Healthy Minds

There is a strong link between our mental and physical health. Good mental health is more than just the absence of illness, it incorporates taking active steps every day to lead a healthy lifestyle. A resource with tips on how to look after our bodies and support healthier minds.